To make Movie Magic, an average film production team will require at least a few dozens of film crew members but the process of selecting best suited professional film team for your requirements, could be painstaking. “The Asian Film Crew” team, though comparatively a new company, we are on par with the pioneers in the film field in terms of our highly trained professional film crew team and the use of up to date technology. Two years ago, young, innovative and energetic Ranil Fonseka with his novel thinking, creativity and love towards the film and television industry gave birth to The Asian Film Crew and there are three more independent filmmakers with amazing longevity in the industry who join forces leading The Asian Film Crew. With a handful of films under each of their belts, they know what challenges await them. In addition to our leaders, “The Asian Film Crew” team also comprise of “professional crew to shoot” members who are specialized in working not only in Feature Films, but also in Commercials, Documentaries, Television Programmes, Music Videos, Short Films, News Coverage as well as Still Photography. We could proudly state our team of highly disciplined individuals are renowned for their commitment, dedication and expertise with flair to take upon challenges and deliver to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Line Producer/ Director - ASIAN FILM CREW

Young, innovative and energetic Ranil holds an unbeaten personality with 20 years of excellent record in the field. His novel thinking, creative mapping and love towards the film and television industry gave birth to ASIAN FILM CREW back before two years ago as he was the Founding Director. Also he is enriched with 12 Years of fruitful records and experience also being the Founder and the Managing Director of YASHMEDIA, which is a local production company.

Ranil has a background in Computer Technology from IIHT Bangalore, India, and started his career as an Editor. He then moved on to Digital Video Editing at Torana Video Movies before moving on to MTV Channel under the prestigious Maharaja Organization banner where he gained experience working in television industry  in a very wide range. He also worked as a digital video editor in large number of documentary projects for the widely acclaimed Young Asia Television, few to name such as ‘Vilippu’, ‘Nature Calls’, ‘Mihisara’, ‘Tribe’ , ‘Sivu Sata’ etc. He has also produced TV Commercials for broadcasting and this further widened his horizons by working as an advertising executive for ‘Damro Group’ of Companies.

Ranil’s enthusiasm and commitment to expand his scope led him to Dubai where he worked not only as an Editor, But also as a film & motion producer at JLT and Studio City. His international profile carries below titles. Member of the Assistant Location Management team for the Indian production ‘Midnight’s Children’ directed by award winning filmmaker Deepa Mehta, and as the Picture vehicle coordinator for the German production ‘The Emdem Men’. He has also worked as the editor for local film productions such as ‘Karma’- Directed by Prasanna Jayakodi and ‘Matha’- directed by Boodee Keerthisena.

His latest work as an editor is about to flourish in the Hollywood movie ‘Solar Eclipse’, where he was recognized internationally as an editor of a wider capacity who thinks beyond the frame.

The years of experience he possesses and the knowledge he accumulated along the way proved useful when the Sri Lanka Television Training Institute (SLTTI) invited him as the AVID instructor for its Higher National Diploma in Film and Television. This led a way to share what he knew with the next generation of Sri Lanka’s film and television professionals. At present he is the editing lecturer at the University of Visual & Performing Arts, Colombo and several other universities and higher Educational Institutions in the country.

His works as a Television Producer and also as a Director continues from the last decade apart from being a highly qualified editor, academician, and a Production Service provider. He is also one of the best to become an innovative founder and an entrepreneur at a very young age but with matured experience. He has also become an influential force and a figure to young generations, and he always open doors for creative personalities, thoughts and ideas.


Dhanushka Gunathilake has a strong background in film as a cinematographer and educator. He produced the first ever internationally franchised reality show in Sri Lanka, “Obada Lakshapathi Mamada Lakshapathi (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?)” in 2010. He has worked on a variety of commercial productions including “The Amazing Race” (India 2008), TV commercials, documentaries, video art and many music videos to date. He has produced, shot and consulted on film projects for the BBC, International Planned Parenthood Federation, UNSECO, the United Nations Development Program, the National Child Protection Authority (Sri Lanka), the Red Cross (Singapore), Oxfam (Australia) and Education TV unit of the Rupavahini Corporation.

Dhanushka has worked as a cinematographer in the critically acclaimed film “Thanha Rathi Ranga” for which he received the best cinematography awards in Derana Film Awards in 2015, OCIC Film awards in 2015 as well as Hiru Golden Film Awards in 2016. He was also the associate cinematographer of “Sulanga Gini Aran” which was the first Sri Lankan film to be premiered in the main competition at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland. 

Dhanushka received his BSc in Information Technology from Edith Corwen University (Perth, Australia), an MA in Film and Television from the Rai University (Pune and Mumbai, India) and a Post Graduate Diploma from the Film and Television Institute of India (Pune, India). He has taught courses in film production at The Indira School of Communication (Pune, India) and St. Xavier’s College (Mumbai, India) in the past. He is, at present, a visiting lecturer at a number of prestigious Universities in Sri Lanka, including the University of Peradeniya, University of Visual and Performing Arts Colombo, University of Colombo, University of Moratuwa, University of Kelaniya and UNIVOTECH.

Dhanushka also designed and coordinated the Higher National Diploma in Film and Television at Sri Lanka Foundation Digital Film Academy.  He is also a founding member of the Digital Film Academy.

In 2016/ 2017, Dhanushka worked as a cinematographer in his latest films “Amawka Sanda” (The Invisible Moon) which is directed by Vijitha Gunarathne, “Suparna” directed by Sujeewa Priyal and “Ginnen Upan Sithala” (Chill out of Fire) which is directed by Anuruddha Jayasinghe respectively, which are in the post production stage at the moment.

He also participated at Open Doors in Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland, a curator of the Colombo International Student Film Festival (COINS Film Fest), a consultant for Iran Cultural Center for Cinema, SAARC Film Festival and a committee member of the International Film Festival of Colombo (IFFCOLOMBO). He was also a Jury member of the Asia Peace Film Festival 2017 in Islamabad, State Music Awards 2015 and Derana Music Video Awards 2016.

Line Producer

In 1997 Krishantha starts his career in the Sri Lankan Film Industry. He has been a witness to both contemporary filmmaking and also to the latest on the Production rack.

The vast collected experience of his high profile has nurtured him to emerge as a Line Producer & a Production Manager. He has many Local and International Feature Films, Ad films on his list of involvements. Krishantha has associated with popular and award winning films such as ‘Water’ as a Location Accountant. He contributed as a Production Manager to films such as ‘Ready’ where Salman Khan plays the major role and also in Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Agyaat’ who is known as a legend in Indian cinema.

Krishantha was the Production Supervisor of the film ‘Road from Elephant Pass’  directed by Chandran Rutnam, a veteran Film Director and who is also  a remarkable force behind making Sri Lanka a brilliant International film location, in all dimensions.

Krishantha was the Line Producer for renowned Academy Award Winning actor, Ben Kingsley’s movie ‘Common Man’. His latest contributions as a Line producer can be seen in films such as ‘According to Matthew’, ‘A Love like This’ and ‘Solar Eclipse’.

TV Commercials, Ad films are the other feathers on his hat. Krishantha has been a Production Manager to numerous Ads made for Sri Lankan, Indian and Pakistani viewing. Top brand Ad films for Kick Cola, Maggi Hot, Nestle Milo, Lifebuoy, Sunlight Detergent, Airwick, Oppo Phones and Pepsi. Krishantha was also the Production Manager for the popular TV Series, ‘Covert Affairs’ as well. Further in addition he has also been the Production Manager for Sri Lankan Tourism initiative ‘A Small Miracle’.

Producer/ Line Producer/ Director - Sky Entertainers (Pvt) Ltd

Rasitha Jinasena helmed the operation of Sky Entertainers (Pvt) Ltd, and led it into a position ranked as one of the top production houses in Sri Lanka. He has over 15 years of production experience in Local and International Films as well as in Television and Video productions. He was the Producer for Prasanna Jayakody's internationally acclaimed Art films “Karma” (2010), “28” (2015). He also produced “Kusa Paba” (2012), “Leopard do not bite” (2016) and “Withered Leaf” (2016).

Established in 2005 by a set of dedicated, talented and creative artists, Sky Entertainers has achieved success through commitment and an unrivalled determination to raise the standard of video productions and give it a stamp of class. They are specialized in TV commercials, Music Videos, Documentaries, Corporate Profiles, Infomercials, and Feature films. The team create most innovative video productions using the up to date technology with their creative skills.

Sky Entertainers has the privilege of some of the top minds in the industry; and their extensive experience allows them to give the best in an unlimited creativity. It makes films of all genres from commercial to art and experimental.

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